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sun - white reflects heat▓, while black absorbs it. O▓nce you're out of the sun's r▓ays, it makes little difference. Avoid jewellery, as met▓al retains he▓at. BEIJING, June 1▓6 -- Fresh fruit and vegetable potions help you d▓etox, fight jet la▓g and low immun▓ity. A Health▓y Living drinks ▓menu helps tra

velers stay fit.Summer ▓is a good time to make your own fruit and vegetable juices in a blender o▓r extractor. You get the vitamins, minerals and nutrien▓ts direct f

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rom nature.Pear, apple, mango, carrot, tomato, berry and green veg▓etables also make▓ delicious and healthy juices.But e

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xperts point out that juices, ▓though healthy, are no substitute for whole fruit in the▓ daily diet as they cont▓ain li


ttle essential fiber and some vit▓amins are lo▓st in mashing ▓and squeezin▓g."Natural juices▓ from fruits and vegetables have


some healing effects and help with detoxi▓ng, fatigue, digestion and skin quality," says▓ Patricia Teixeira, a Brazilia


n nutritioni▓st in Shanghai▓ to launch the Healthy Living drink menu at the Park Hyatt."A mix-and-matc▓h thing will bring a magic touch to the drink's f▓lavor and its fun▓ction," sh▓e says of her sele▓

ction of smoothies and juices.The Care Smoothie is made wi▓th fresh raspberries, a powerful antioxidant, aloe v

era,▓ which aids d▓igestion, and p

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eaches, soy milk and ground a▓lmonds.Peaches have a lot of lycopen▓e and lute▓in, among other nutr▓ients. Lycopene seems to have a ▓protective effe▓ct against prostate canc

er and lutein su▓pports healthy▓ eye

el.Many▓ peop

s, says Teixeira.The Health Smoothie is a delicious mix of ▓banana, fresh-sque▓ezed orange juice, strawberries, mint leaves, soy m▓ilk and ground alm▓onds.Strawberries su▓pport optimal health with antiox

idants and beta-carotene▓ that give▓s the bright red c▓olor to the ▓fruit.It helps protect against inf▓lammation an

le ha▓ve already given

▓d heart disease, says Teixeira."

Mint leaves have an exquisite?/P>

?fresh tast▓e and support our digestive▓ function," she says.Anti-Jet Lag Juice includes kale, carrots, apple, salt and pumpkin seeds.Kale supplie▓s phytonutrients, helps in detox and helps one rela

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leep.Colleg▓e students find money by &quo▓t;selling time" onlineBE▓IJING, Marc▓h 10 (Xinhua) -- The economic down▓turn coupled with the pressure of▓ finding emp▓loyment after graduation has driven m

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any college graduates to explore new ways of finding jobs. Zhang Li, a sophomore s▓tudent at a vocational school in t▓he central Hubei Pro▓vince, opened a Web ▓store at Taobao▓.Com, a leading e-shopping

Web site in ▓China, to sell "her spare times," Hubei based newsp▓aper Changjiang Times reported Tuesday. She will

ank 3,6▓00 sq m r

▓stand in lines for you, if you

hate waiting in ▓too long a li

ne; if you were tired, she could go shopping for y▓ou; she might ▓buy you coffee,▓ or a ticket -- the ▓one you desperat▓ely needed ahead of ▓the country鈥榮 Spr▓ing festival▓ when it took too much time an


d energy to buy one. "I just▓ wan

t to sell m▓y spare time doing

m▓eaningful things f▓or others. I can▓ earn some pocket money, or even▓ more important, I▓ may create my own business,▓" Zhang said. Finding work for college graduates is a growing problem in ▓China. It

food store ▓t

▓became an even harder task for

the 6▓.1 million June gr▓adua

tes after the country began to ▓feel the affects of the global financial crisis. Compounding the problem is around 1.5 million ▓graduates who faile▓d to find jobs last year, a half mil▓lion increase f▓

hat covers three floors.Eac▓h day between 250 and 600 people -- of which ▓65 percent are Chinese -- drop by. Impressive, consideri▓ng the store onl▓y opened in Ma▓rch 2008.Red wine, ▓cheese, confectio▓nery, ham and pasta are the big sellers.P▓lata attributes the store's ▓success, in part, to

f competi▓tion when it comes to bringing authentic Italy to Beijing.Here▓ is a handy guide of what to do when t▓he heatstorms and lightning eventually come. . . CHILL-OUT TUNES C▓lose your eyes and▓ imagine swim▓ming in a crystal-clear mountain stream▓ or snowbathing ▓on an ice floe. O▓r p

n s▓ome Mozart or Vivaldi? Scientif▓ic studies show both calming musi▓c and the imagination can 'potentiate the hypometabolic c▓ounterarousal state' - in other wor▓ds, they can help slow down ou▓r metabolism so we produce less body heat.▓ CRUSH HOUR Leave more time for travel and get up e▓ar

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rom 2007. Zhang has done▓ two jobs since the opening of h▓er store in ear▓ly March, ▓at a rate of ten yua▓n for an hour a▓nd 100 yuan for a day. Anyone for Da Vi▓nci's Mona Lisa compose▓d of Chinese cab

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pper and potatoes? Or a ▓last S

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ginger, radish, tomato, mushr▓oom

s, bean curd, seaweed and rape?

A Chines▓e artist is taking the s

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ensual side of food to its u

ltimate extreme, by recreatin▓g

Western masterpieces out of ▓v

egetables and photographing the

r▓esults. On t▓oday's the List▓,

let's see how the artist chops, sl

e gives o▓ff more h

ices and eats▓ her represen

tations of the old masters▓. "L

a Liberte gui▓dant le peuple", or

Liberty Leading the People, i▓

s a painting▓ by Eugene Delacroix

commemora▓ting the July Revoluti

ea▓t than a 1,▓000

on of 1830. It's▓ also the insp

irati▓on of Chinese artist Ju D

uoqi's "Libert▓y Leading the Ve

getables".Chinese cabbage, mush▓r

oom, potato, seaweed, radish and

a bunch of wooden toothpi▓cks, t

watt electri▓c fir

hat's a▓ll she needs for ▓brea

thing new life ▓into ordinary v

egetables.Artist Ju Duoqi said

, "I pick two p▓otatoes, a big one

and a small one. There are some

little ▓pits on the small one,

e, so do your▓ best

which can be seen as eyes and

a▓ nose. I see a viv▓id facial e

xpression▓ on it. With the hel▓p

of light▓s, you will see ▓it more

clearly on the photo." Th▓e di

fferent types, shapes and colors

to avoid ▓the crow

of ve▓getables, with a bit o

f re▓arranging, can▓ make for a

rich source of imagery▓. Fresh,

withered, rotting, dried, pickl

ed, boiled or fried - and ▓all wi

th a dash of ▓digital man▓ipulatio


n - Ju presents a puzzling s▓

eries of vegetable composition

▓s representi▓ng world famous pa

i▓ntings, such as Th▓e Last Supper

and Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da 

Vinci, and Vincent Van Gogh's Se▓

LY Light cotton ni

lf Portrait.To Ju▓, the quirky

idea of blending art and▓ veget

ables is natur▓al and fun.Ju Duoq

i said, "These western masterpi

eces are very theatr▓ical and have

magnificent ▓scenes. I think i▓


t's fun to organ▓ize various vegetables to play a drama as ▓in the paintings. When I find ▓an appropriate vege▓table which perfectly fits the scene or the costume of the chara▓cter, I'm very excited."Ch

ina sets frugal tone

for mil▓itary parade on N

ational DayBEIJING, J?/p>

坅n. 29 (Xinhua) -- ▓China has set a fr▓ugal tone for i▓ts

once-for-a-decade dress parade on Oct. 1 ami▓d an economi